Klockars Hällesjö

Klockars in Hällesjö is an old farm, where the village bellringers once lived. The family was large and one of the grandchildren was Hjalmar Adamsson. He built up a successful business with more than 100 stores around Sweden, all of which were called HEA. They sold medical articles and condoms, which were very controversial at that time! He built his holiday home in 1945, in which we now live, and his grandparents' house, Grindstugan, is the one we have renovated and now rent out.


Gullik och Åsa

Gullik was born and raised in Hällesjö and he is proud of his village. He returned home in 1982 after five years in Värmland. He is a qualified forestry technician and works as a forestry consultant for the Swedish Forest Agency. He has a great interest in conservation, which he is fortunate enough to have as his main job.


Fishing has always been a favourite way of spending his free time and, for the last twelve years, he has been a dedicated elk hunter. Apart from elk, he also hunts forest birds. He is chairman of Hällesjö's licensed area for hunting, which covers 78,000 hectares. Apart from hunting and fishing, much of his free time is spent maintaining his forest holdings.


Åsa comes from Ringvattnet in northern Jämtland and moved to Hällesjö in 2003. Even though she grew up in a family that has always hunted and fished, she didn't obtain her hunting licence until 2005. She only hunts elk at the moment, though small game hunting with a "barking bird dog" has always appealed. Fishing is also a major interest and she holds the family record for the biggest brown trout (5 kg) and the biggest pike (8 kg). She loves spending time with her family, grandchildren and friends.