Sauna & outdoor bath
Newbuild sauna and relax just by the lake of Hällsjön. Outside the sauna you will find an outdoor bath. Enjoy the view and a hot bath under the clear sky.

  Guests in Grindstugan Other guests
Sauna SEK 300 + SEK 100 /person SEK 500 + SEK 100/person
Badtunna SEK 300 + SEK 100 /person SEK 500 + SEK 100/person
Bastu & tunna SEK 500 + SEK 100 /person SEK 700 + SEK 100 /person


Walking/hiking Brännåsbodarna
7 km to Brännåsbodarna. The path is well-signed and passes through real Jämtland forest. The scenery changes as you pass through old spruce forests, over the wooden walkway on Brännåsflon and continue up into the open, bilberry-carpeted pine forest.

Take a break at the "resting rock", breathe in the scents and listen to the birdsong. Have a cup of coffee and a bun, and just enjoy the moment.

We can have food waiting for you at Brännåsbodarna if you wish, perhaps a steaming hot bacon pancake. You can choose to return home the same way, or if that is enough for the day, then we can bring you home by car.

Storabborre Storabborre
Fiske i Hällesjö
The tranquillity of the forest lake is broken as the big perch bites. Disappointment over losing it is replaced by excitement as the sliding brake starts to squeal and the old pike takes up the fight. This is what fishing in Hällesjö is all about!

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Båtar för uthyrning Båtar för uthyrning

Boats for rent
We have four different boats:

3 Linder aluminiumbåt, motor 4 HP Yamaha and 6 HP Mercury:
SEK 2500/week, SEK 400/day.

1 st Esox 380 gummibåt, motor 4 HP Yamaha
SEK 2000/week, SEK 350/day.

10 litres fuel included.

Hunting in Jämtland, northern Sweden
Small game hunting:

We also offer small game hunting on 1500 hectares of land. You bring your own dog and hunt independently.​